What is Olaplex?


Olaplex a revelation in modern hairdressing

Developed in a garage in California, Olaplex has changed the game in the modern hairdressing landscape. 

In capable hands, Olaplex gives incredible new flexibility to the approach an experienced colour technician can take when facing the needs of the evolving needs of todays clients.

As Olaplex gets to work on a molecular level, the Stylist can concentrate on pushing the boundries of what can be achieved visually with new found confidence.

What does it do?

Hair is made up of disulfide bonds that if left untreated can become deteriorated, Olaplex rebuilds broken disulfide bonds, as simple as that.

How is it used?

We use Olaplex in numerous ways,

1. As a standalone treatment to restore hair integrity
2. To protect from Chemical Services such as Bleach and Toners
3. As a cutting lotion

Its sole purpose is to enhance the integrity of hair alongside giving Technicians the ability to achieve amazing colour work in their professional services. 

See Olaplex in action

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