Forever Bloggin'

Hello and welcome to our first post on our first ever blog; Your no.1 place to find out all of the BTS goings’ on down at Forever Long! Who and what are Forever Long you may ask? Forever Long Hair Salon is well, a hair salon based in Newcastle Upon Tyne specialising in Hair Styling, Colour and Extensions. A family affair, the salon was opened by Andrew, Natalie and Dave in 2011, since then they have been joined by some of the best hair stylists and colourists this side of the Tyne (if we do say so ourselves!) If you follow Forever Long on any of our Social Media pages you’ll know that we’re a lively bunch who love what we do and are proud of how we do it! As well as showing you all this, this blog will be a place of creative expression, showing you some of our favourite products and maybe even an offer or 2 to our favourite Forever followers! Anyway, we hope we can count on you to follow us through our blogging journey and share anything and everything that you love! Tell ya friends, tell ya mam, tell ya nan- Forever Long are now and forever blogging!

All our love,

The Forever Long Fam x

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