Dare to be a #SmoothCriminal?

Here at Forever Long we can't stop raving about our Framesi Smoothing Treatment which is why we get so many questions asking how it works!

This week we decided to try something a little different; asking one of the Forever Fam Stylists to fill us in! Read on to find out everything you could possibly need to know about this magic! Take it away Bails!

Are you wanting a long lasting frizz free hairstyle? Then our Framesi Smoothing Treatment is the answer to all your dreams! The 3 most life changing hours you'll probably ever experience, (of course we're not exaggerating) this smoothing treatment comes in 4 relaxing steps resulting in time saving, frizz-free maintainability! Keep reading to find out more! 

Step 1- The cleanse.

This includes a sulphate free shampoo to cleanse the hair ready for the process. (Ask any one of our stylists for more information on these shampoo's- they'll become a lifeline!) 

Step - The Primer.

This is used to create 100% hydrating coverage though out your hair getting it ready for Step 3. Let's dry your hair up to 80%, giving us the chance to see your hair in all its natural frizzy glory.

Step 3- The Mane (Get it) Solution to Tame That Frizz!

The main stage to getting your hair from frizz to fab and frizz free within 30 minute. The Framesi Step 3 solution is used to penetrate your cuticle with small molecules that will then expand in the hair working as a smoothing agent when heat is applied. Let's dry the step 3 fluid into the hair until 100% dried and smooth. Next we straighten the step 3 fluid into the hair 6-8 times giving it a longer lasting time of 2 to 3 months. A lotta heat right?

30 minutes later... Let's rinse for 2 minutes.

Step 4- The Smooth Criminal Conditioner

This is applied for 5 minutes generously though out the whole head after rinsing out the step 3. This conditioner is used to smooth out your cuticle giving it a shiny hydrated texture. "5 minutes later"- let's rinse!

We  can now dry and style like normal. No straighteners needed!

Aftercare advice! 

- You must use professional sulphate free shampoos + conditioners. (Ask anyone of the Forever Family what we would personally recommend!).

- Do NOT wash your hair for 48 hours after the Framesi Smoothing service. 

- Do NOT put any sort of colour on your hair until 72 hours after the Framesi Smoothing service.

- We recommend you to get the smoothing treatment every 2 months- this is to keep on top of the Keratin in your hair and to make the smoothing treatment build up in the hair, getting a better result each time!

- COLOUR FADING- This tends to happen during the service due to the fluids restoring the keratin in your hair. Not the most drastic of changes, usually a shade or two lighter. (If this is a cause for concern speak to one of the Forever Family members about booking in for a colour too!).


Characteristics of this smoothing treatment!

  • 100% vegan
  • No formaldehyde
  • Suited for Asian, Caucasian, American and Afro Caribbean hair.
  • Affordable
  • Penetrates the hair creating keratin links through out the hair (making the hair stronger!).
  • Re-shapes the structure of your hair giving it a frizz free style.
  • Works fantastically alongside our Olaplex Stand Alone treatment!

How long does the smoothing treatment last?

With the correct aftercare, recommended products and treatments your new smoothing treatment can last as long as 2 and a half months! Just make sure you're following the aftercare steps to the word!

The Science! 

What is Keratin? Keratin is a protein that already exists in your hair making up the main component of each strand. The keratin acts as an internal protein in the cortex and as an external protective protein in the cuticle.

Without Keratin what happens to your hair? Your hair may expose its cortex making it susceptible to damage and that's when porous spots start to develop. This happens because there is no complete Keratin structure for every strand. (To avoid problems like this make sure you're using our 'Must Have's' for healthy hair!).


Want to know more or has Bailey covered all your bases? Get in touch more information on this fantastic treatment, or to book your Framesi Smoothing treatment consultation today! 

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