Welcome to the Silver Show!

What a month we've had for Silvers! It's safe to say this trend isn't going to fade any time soon so whilst it's in it's peak we might as well celebrate this fabulous tone and the patience these wonderful clients have had in the run up to achieving this look! 

As popular as this look is, it really doesn't come easy and it's important to know that as much as we'd love for your look to stay just  as salon sassy weeks after your appointment; like dreams, toners fade. With this in mind we thought we'd come up with a little 'Keep me Silver' guide to make your shade last as long as possible!

What to do- 99.9% of the time when we're using a silver toner on your hair, the process before has usually been bleach- and a lot of it! To get your hair to the perfect silver shade, we need to get it practically white first. As we all know bleach isn't the best thing to be using on your hair which is why we highly recommend using the magic that is Olaplex! Making sure your hair is in the best condition possible pre and post service will help maintain the toner as well leaving you with an even overall shade. Regular cuts, using heat protection and (one of our favourites) Moroccan Oil will all help to keep your hair looking healthy and ready to be toned! 

What to use- SILVER SHAMPOO OF COURSE! And boy do we go through a lot of it! Silver shampoo is the perfect at home boost your hair needs to fight the brass and keep the colour! Our top tip- use every other wash using a hydrating sulphate free shampoo in between to make sure you're giving your hair care routine the best of both worlds! Another of our silver favourites is the Evo Fabuloso in Platinum, a godsend to anyone who can't make those toner top ups (keep reading to find out more) as often as they need to. These bright little masks are the perfect solution to keeping your hair toned to perfection. One a week, for 10 to 15 minutes should do the job. Don't believe us? Ask to try one out at your next salon visit! 

When to come back- As much as we've already said it and as much as we can't prevent it it's just one of those things, dogs can't talk, Nutella Monday's don't always happen and toners do fade. Because of this, if your toner's one that's prone to vanishing quickly then if you book back in for a Toner and Blow dry within 2 weeks of your first appointment*, we'll give you £20 off! Especially on freshly bleached hair it's important to keep on top of those toners so make sure you take advantage of this Top Up offer!

Take a look at our recent Silver Show by our brand new Forever Long Fam member JoJo! Of course, always using the magic that is Olaplex!

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*Get in touch or ask at the desk for more information.

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