The Power of Love (Olaplex)

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, seen any of our transformations or have stepped within 2km radius of the salon then you've probably heard us raving about Olaplex, so it doesn't come as a shock when we hear 'What is Olaplex?'

Opalex, Oloaplex, Olaply (we've heard them all), Olaplex is a one of a kind treatment which main purpose is to bring your hair back to life! Made up of 3 Step's, this genius potion was created in a garage in California and since then has dominated the hairdressing world- a word on warning from us, if they haven't heard of it then don't go there!

Talking about Olaplex can get very sciency with a lot of words us non scientists/ hair stylist won't really understand so here we thought we'd give you it in a nutshell!

Each strand of hair is made up of bonds, and over time through heat, colouring, brushing, even tying it up damages and breaks these bonds down causing your hair to be damaged, dry and split. Olaplex, the clever little thing it is, rebuilds these bonds back up making your hair extra strong and super nourished! 

The Power of Love in 3 Steps

Step 1 aka. The Multiplier

Best applied as a stand alone concentrated treatment, Olaplex Step 1 rebuilds the already formed broken bonds. When used within a colour or bleach (which we'd highly recommend), the Step 1 rebuilds those bonds that the bleach or colour are breaking down- a sort of insurance for your hair leaving it in an even better state than when you first began the colour process. Olalpex Step 1 is the 100% concentrated form of the product and should only be used in a salon by an Olaplex trained professional.

Step 2 aka. The Protector

This is the mask applied at the basin. Once your stand alone or colour has been washed off next comes Step 2. Only 40% strength this stuff is still mighty and a great way to test out Olaplex if you don't believe the hype (which you should). Still strong enough to penetrate the molecular structure of your hair it has the power to rebuild those bonds but for the full effect works best when partnered with Step 1.

Step 3. The Perfector

Step 3 is where the magic happens as this is the one you can buy to take home. Use as a mask once a week to keep those bonds in tact. What's the point of getting your hair in such a lush condition if you're just going to break those bonds again at home?! We recommend getting Olaplex in the salon, then keeping it luxe by topping up the condition with a once a week Perfector mask until your next salon visit where you can start the process again, constantly keeping on top of those bonds. 

How to apply- On damp/ towel dried hair apply a 50p sized amount and comb through. Leave for 20 minutes to over night but remember to wash it out with a good sulphate free shampoo and conditioner after! We guarantee you'll be hooked after one use!

If you're after a little more info on this small but mighty delight, take a look at our What is Olaplex page or if you're keen to know about what other products we recommend, take a look at our previous blog post on 5 Must Haves for Healthy Hair!

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