5 Must-Haves for Happy, Healthy Hair

If you're a regular client at Forever Long then you'll know that we're not only mint at great colour transformations, hair cuts, making cups of tea etc but we have a passion for hair care making that the number 1 priority in every hair and colour appointment that we do! During your consultation or at the beginning of any appointment at Forever Long you'll know that your stylists will take the time out to discuss the products that you currently use and what would maybe be a better alternative to get your hair back to its happy, healthy self again! 

Below we've created a top 5 list of our 'Must-Haves for Happy, Healthy Hair'; all available in the salon, all amazing on there own or working with other products and all guaranteed to make sure your hair looks and feels 100x better!

1. Olaplex- Of course Olaplex was going to take the winning spot. You won't be able to leave the salon without someone saying the word to you at least 5x and with good reason. The thing is genius- like magic in a bottle! Made up of 3 Steps, Olaplex's main purpose is to repair the bonds in the molecular structure of every strand of hair, making it stronger and healthier than ever. Whether you're getting the in-salon service of Step 1 + 2 (£40*), Step 2 (£10*) or the take away product- Step 3 (£32) we guarantee your hair will be transformed after one use. Still don't believe us? Take a look for yourself!

2. Moroccan Oil- If Olaplex takes your fancy then Moroccan Oil is definitely one for you too! As the Olaplex contains No Protein it is essential to feed the hair- enter the original Argan Oil that is that of Moroccan...  Packed with protein and moisture your hair will be left feeling silky and smooth and the best part- not greasy! All you need is a small amount in the palm of your hand, no bigger than a 20 pence piece. Rub your palms together turning the oil slick then massage into the hair (staying clear of the root). Towel dried hair is the perfect base but if your hair's feeling a little dry and need of a lust for life add a little to the ends once dried and styled! Simple! Available in 25ml (£13.45), 100ml (£31.85) and 200ml (£45.) 


3. Moroccan Oil Heat Protection Spray- So this must be a given. The way we like to see it is, you bake a cake at 180 degrees, you cook a chicken at 200, so why on earth would you use the same temperatures on your hair without any insurance?! I'll put my hands up and be the first to admit that heat protection has never been a priority of mine but look at it like this- you wouldn't stick your hair in the oven and pull it through the closed door (and we definitely wouldn't recommend doing so) so why would you put your hair through basically the same (not really the same but you get the metaphor) treatment without caring for it properly! Whether you're using straighteners, tongs or even a hair dryer make sure your protected! In the salon we use and sell the fabulous Moroccan Oil Heat Protection Spray (NOW BACK IN STOCK at £18.85!)

4. Tangle Teezer- Short hair, long hair, curly hair, fake hair the Tangle Teezer is a product for everyone. Fine bristles designed to well, tangle tease... Perfect for combing conditioner/ masks through mid wash or even for battling those post wash knots. Available in a range of colours and sizes the Tangle Teezer is essential to maintain any look, get yours in the salon today for £12/ £15.  


5. evo Fabuloso Mini- Want to keep your colour looking fabulous between salon visits? Helllloooo Fabuloso Mini. Small enough to fit in your travel bag, big enough to leave you with bold colour the Fabuloso Mini is perfect for keeping your colour looking fresh weeks after your last salon visit! I for one rave to anyone about how amazing the Copper one is so if you have any doubts just ask me! A sort of toner/ mask/ miracle in a tube, use yours every fortnight, once a week, when ever you want to, to keep your colour looking on point. Available in colours Platinum, Light Beige, Caramel, Copper, Purple Red, Mahogany and Chestnut we guarantee once you get one of these little bad boys you'll be an evo convert! Get this magic at £8 or upgrade your next cut and blow dry by adding once of these for an extra £10- the stylist will show you how much to use and you get to take the rest of the tube home! 


If you have any questions on any of these products or want to know what would be best for your hair type don't hesitate to get in touch! Give us an email, a direct message or even just ask your stylist on your next salon visit!

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