Prom ready with Forever Long

Here's our Pre Prom Check List to make sure you've got everything ready for the big day!

As summer's fast approaching there's one event that most of you gorgeous girls are panicking for, and no of course it's not exams! PROM IS COMING- EVERYBODY PANIC! So you're probably not as panicked about it as we're making out but we thought we'd give you a little run down guide of what to remember, a sort of check list to how to prom. 

**Make sure you've got your Pre Prom Prep Sesh booked well in advance as they won't be around for long!**

Pinterest if life- and where we found all these images for our Prom Mood Board. 

Pinterest if life- and where we found all these images for our Prom Mood Board. 

So it's the important stuff....

The dress- This must be a given right? The first thing on everyone's list! Whether short, long, fancy or fun make sure you've got your dress well in advance to make sure it's the perfect one for you!

The shoes- Once you've got your dress the shoes are a must! One thing that everyone who's been to Prom will tell you is that comfort is key over- promise you! You want pretty enough to make a statement but comfy enough so you can dance all night! Key tip: If you're going to invest in some new shoes for Prom, make sure you wear them in! You don't want blisters!!!

The bag- Purse, phone, money, keys, lipstick, tissues and make up for any touch ups. Make sure your bags big enough to carry all the essentials but not that big that it's going to get in way, take it from us you'll end up leaving it on a table when it's time to party!

The hair- Helllllloooooo Prom hair at Forever Long! Enough said.*

The make up- Again, it's like we wrote this blog post specifically to tell you about Forever Longs Pre Prom Prep Sesh's? You only get one prom so why not splash out a little extra and treat yourself to a make over, it's not like you can get one every day right! Save time and book your makeover here at Forever Long, get your hair done first then your make up! Get in touch here for more information on booking your appointment today!

The jewellery- Jewellery's the perfect way to complete any outfit but remember this simple rule, quality over quantity and that sometimes more can be a little too much! If you're going for a minimal style then feel free to exaggerate your look with an OTT necklace. If you've gone for the show stopper dress then keep it cool with the jewellery- minimal is key!

The Nails- Prom ready nails are the best sort of nails, make sure you've got yours done the day before or the morning of to avoid any chipping!

The hair- We do have tips on the hair but it ruined the effect of saying how mint we are. Pinterest is a great way of finding inspiration for hair ups and finishes but don't believe everything you see! A lot of hair styles posted on there include hair pieces and extensions. Definitely bring your pictures and inspiration in with you though so you can work with your stylist on your finished look. 


Last but not least- have fun! Prom is about celebrating those 5 years you've spent working your bum off and partying with your friends! Take pictures, laugh, dance and make tons of memories! 


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