E = M c What?

Fancy winning your EnergyCode? First of all of course you do because who doesn't like winning things, secondly we hear you ask what is your EnergyCode? 

Why it's your personal hair care diagnosis unique to you by System Professional! 

         "New System Professional’s EnergyCode™ Complex is a technology designed to re-establish the hair’s natural lipid balance and protect the keratin for hair that feels reborn to a virgin state, visibly healthier and more responsive to touch, styling and color.

         By mapping each hair energy profile, we can prescribe a unique EnergyCode for each individual out of more than 174 million combinations: an ultra-personalised coded care system that maximises hair energy and turns care into a truly transformative beauty treatment and exclusive salon experience." - www.systemprofessional.com

For us non-scientists out there, in brief 'Your Energy Code' is your product prescription given to you after answering a simple questionnaire which goes into detail on the facts of your hair that you probably wouldn't normally think about. Once filled out, you are then given your specific energy code made up of 3 unique products which will be the secret to all the worries you've ever had about your hair! 

The next question you're probably thinking is 'Does this honestly work?', well yes. Yes it does! Everyone know's what it feels like to be given the hard sale and does anyone appreciate it- no. The magic about System Professional is that you're answering the questions for yourself, we'll use the products in the salon what is recommended and then you can see the results for yourself! Already a loved product range by many of our clients we thought we'd try and spread the love a little more so that everyone knows about this 'one of a kind' range! 

For more information about the products take a look at their official site or why not ask your stylist during your next appointment here at Forever Long!

So you've read all of the facts now show me the money- HOW DO I WIN MY CODE? (I'll capslock this too for the readers who have skimmed the post looking for the word win...)  Describe your hair in 3 words, the best comment will win- simple as that! Find our competition post over on Facebook (Click Here) to add your entry comment. You have until 5pm on Saturday the 22nd to enter where we shall then be announcing our winner live on Facebook! 

*Winner will receive the first 3 products that their EnergyCode is made up from! Winner will need to come into the salon so we can carry out the EnergyCode and give them their prize, we'll also throw in a cup of tea if we like their comment that much! 

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