Treat Yo Momma

Whether she's a roll-out-of-bed-and-wing-it mum, an always late mum, a fashionista mum, a geet lush mammy or just a plain old a super mum, she's YOURS so treat her right this Mothers Day!

So here at Forever Long, we see it like this- everyday should be Mothers Day but with all of lives little inconveniences and distractions, we know that this isn't always possible... So alas, Mothers Day shall be celebrated- Forever Long style!


And by Forever Long style we mean with bubbles and cake! We'll be dedicating the few days we have left up until the 25th to those special women in our lives! Relation or not, this week goes out to the one who will always make you smile when you're feeling down, will never let you go hungry and will without a doubt offer you a cup of tea every 15 minutes that you're in her company! 

Take a look below at just some of the treatments we offer in the salon, if you see anything that you'll think will take your mums fancy then why not book her in for a surprise! We'll supply the fizz if you let us know on booking that it's for your momma or for someone just as fabulous!

To book her in get in touch by email, calling (find all our contact info here), carrier pigeon but just not telepathy because we may be good, but we're not that good. 

Whatever you end up doing in the run up to Mothering Sunday, we hope you have a great one full of love, family and lots of bubbles! 

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