Let's get social...

Whether we're sliding into your DM's, stealing your selfies or retweeting our favourite styles you know that we love to get social here at Forever Long! Want to know our secret? Keep reading...

Instagram to Snapchat, Pinterest to LinkedIn, you name it we got it! And we love to keep updated with you all- not just because we love sharing everything new that goes on at Forever Long but we love hearing from you all and seeing what you're up to too! Here's a little run down of our social media channels, find the links to each account by clicking on each header!


Instagram- Instagram is our favourite, we just can't lie. Mainly used to show off all of our fabulous before and after transformations, new products and whenever me (Sophie) and Kenny celebrate #NutellaMonday, Instagram is our hub connecting all of the very big and very different personalities of each member of the Forever Long Fam in one crazy newsfeed demonstrating our work. We love to run the odd competition on there too so it's definitely worth a follow!

Facebook- If Instagram is our heart, then Facebook is our brain and the best way to get in touch with the team- especially after hours! Our main host for everything; transformations, competitions, videos you name it if it's Forever Long then it's on there. If you're checking out our page then you might as well give it a like, we've been promising a party when we reach 10k likes


ForeverLongHair- You must of by now seen that we have an amazing Forever Long App? If not then where have you been hiding! Wanting to book a last minute appointment, do it on the app! Notifications of any offers, find them on the app! Wanting to refer a friend, do it on the app! Want to take part in our loyalty scheme, you can on the app! You get the idea, you can do a lot on it. Get it now from the App Store or from the Google Play store right now for free! You won't regret it we promise! 

Twitter- Twitter, a place for us to rave about the weather, to share when we have a new blog post and to give you any general updates about the salon. We know not everyone uses Twitter but we still love it, so if you've got that little blue bird then why not give us a follow!


and of course, last but certainly not least...


Snapchat- Who doesn't love Snapchat? Whether you're a 'dog filter' or one of those Ozzy Osbourne glasses fans (you know the ones we're on about) everyone loves Snapchat, and that's us included! From behind the scene snaps to the crazy salon life that is Forever Long make sure you're kept up to date by adding us with the username @ForeverLongHair or using the snapcode below! 

So, how do we keep on top of all this whilst knocking out some of the best colour and extension transformations this side of the Toon? We use the peach that is Sophie, (usually found behind the front desk) who has only gone and set up her own Social Media Management & Brand Communications consultancy- SheSocial


If you're a fan of our social media or in need of a little SM management yourself why not give her own pages a like or get in touch with our guru  via her facebook or Instagram

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